Hi, I'm Bridget. I go to bed way too early, I can't say no to dessert, and I love to
capture all things beautiful.

I am a photographer, a special education teacher, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend and a mom. And ironically, I am mom to two of the sweetest boys who love almost everything except getting their pictures taken (ugh!). I GET IT... all too well. I know "picture day" can quickly turn stressful and frustrating with little ones and I'm here to make sure that doesn't happen. No one wants to look back on family photos and remember a day full of meltdowns and tears. 


I believe in providing a positive photo experience, one you can look back on and smile.

Whether I'm photographing newborns, young families, extended families, or even gorgeous branded content, I want the customer experience to be a happy one! Not only so you can enjoy your experience, but so you can look back on the photos we create together with positive memories and a big 'ol smile. I'm a laid-back person who shows up to everything I do with a smile and a positive attitude. I have no doubt that I will bring this laid back, positive approach to our shoot... ready to have some fun and make some magic! 

Quick Facts

I'd rather be


enneagram type

type 9

favorite meal


Drink of choice

chocolate milkshake

favorite show

any type of documentary


lester holt

guilty pleasure

self-help books

almost always


currently collecting


go-to jam session

whitney houston

love/hate relationship

marathon training

fav emoji



Mad Men


Clooney, always

secret talent


listening to

John Legend

guilty pleasure

Expensive Shoes

take my money



Fantasy Football

weekend plans


a few more things you should know: 

Remember I said I have two sweet boys at home who absolutely hate photos? I get it and the struggle is real! If your crew is like mine and doesn't love the camera, I've got your back. And in the meantime, I promise I'm NOT judging. Not even for a second.

I'm not judging...
I promise

...but I'm always open to exploring new places and creating something beautiful. So if you have a new spot in mind, I'm here for it!

I live in the Western Suburbs of Chicago

no 2

Although I absolutely love family photography, I do enjoy all types of photography projects. I work on branded content for a large retail brand weekly, take a lot of headshots, sneak in interior photography every now and then, and love to take on new branded photography when my schedule allows.

I photograph more than just families.

No 1

no 3

we will get
'the shot'

 I know for a fact

I have no doubt in my mind we will get 'the shot', while capturing a lot more magic along the way. I'm here to capture the expected, the unexpected, and everything in between... all while having a little fun.

we'll have
some fun too!

I strive to make your experience fun, because that's when I can capture you and your family genuinely having a great time. Plus, you can always look back on your photos with great memories instead of remembering an epic meltdown.