b + w Priceless Portraits

b+w priceless portraits is on a mission to capture kids' faces and features so you can remember this precious age f o r e v e r. It's a fast and fun (!!) portrait process that allows your little one's personality to shine through. My hope is that your kids will see their silly faces hanging on the walls of their home and know they are absolutely A D O R E D for exactly who they are... now + forever. 

Personal Portraits
Portrait Play-dates
Portrait Pop-ups

Are you interested in hosting a portrait play-date for all the cute kids in your life? Or are you a business looking to host a portrait pop-up in your space to increase customer traffic? Let's connect! 

Based in the western Suburbs of Chicago but up for travel!

Next Pop-up is being hosted at...

LaGrange, IL

These priceless portraits ensure that you will always have gorgeous photos to look back on and remember the tiny faces and features of your kids. I also want your kids' personalities to ooze out of these portraits so you can preserve this special age f o r e v e r + e v e r.

We all absolutely adore our kids + often want to freeze time so we can bottle up their innocence forever.

Can they stay this age forever?!

...I promise you will will get a variety of personality portraits that fit your child's unique personality. I will also be in contact before your session so you know what your child should wear (spoiler alert: something they already own!) and what fun props you can bring to ensure the experience is a perfect fit for your little one.

Give me 10 minutes with your child and...

here's the scoop

Interested in b+w
Priceless portraits?

Email me!

If you like what you see and you're interested in teaming up for a priceless portrait, a portrait playdate, or a portrait pop-up at your business, let's connect and make a plan!

02. Let’s Plan

After you reach out, you can expect to hear from me within 48 hours with more details, including pricing packages, available dates, and more!

03. Let’s Shoot

After we pick a date, you can expect a full client guide for family photos. You'll be well prepared for the big day! After we shoot, you can expect to have your photos back within 2 weeks... tops!